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7 Steps to Gaining More Confidence

by: TMFC

If there were one secret to instantly making your life happier and more productive, it's self confidence. It's the golden key that'll unlock the door of your potential. Without it the door will stay shut and locked forever.

No one wants that!

Below are 7 steps that will help you gain more self confidence. Along the way, you'll be faced with doubts and plenty of "Buts...." and "Ifs...." When they come up, recognize them as the "potential" thiefs that they are and FORCE them out of your mind. Negativity will only rob you of your hopes and dreams. When you entertain its thoughts, you're allowing it to do its job. Take your first 7 steps today and walk with them everyday hereafter:

1. When self-doubting, negative thoughts enter your mind, replace them with positive ones. Remember in school when you learned to conjugate verbs? RUN became RUNNING and RAN, etc. I want you to start "conjugating" your thoughts. I'M A LOSER becomes I'M A WINNER, I WISH I WERE SMARTER becomes I'M SMART AND GETTING SMARTER EVERYDAY, etc! Pushing the thoughts out of the way isn't quite enough, you have to turn them into something positive. It won't take long before your mind catches on and stops creating them in the first place.

2. If there is something that you feel insecure or self-conscious about, ask yourself if there's anything you can do about it. If there is, don't let the sun go down on another day before you start tackling it. No matter what it is, if you can reach it's cure - do so. You'll not only get rid of that particular demon, you'll gain so much power and confidence from being the victor, that'll you'll be ready to face the next one.

3. Never, ever, ever compare yourself to anyone else or measure your worth against theirs. Only measure yourself against your best. Don't ask yourself if you did a certain task as well as so and so, ask yourself if you did the best you could. THEY don't factor into the equation, you do.

4. You don't expect anyone else to be perfect, stop expecting yourself to be! Find your faults and either fix them or make peace with them. A lot of so-called faults are actually assets. Always remember Mona Lisa. She had a crooked smile, yet hers was and is arguably the most fascinating smile in the world.

5. If there is someone in your life who causes you to feel insecure or inferior, talk to them about it. If they're worth your time, they'll stop causing you to feel this way. If they aren't worth your time, they'll get defensive. They'll try to "take the high road", and that's exactly what you should let them do - as long as the high road is headed in the other direction! Friends don't knock you down, they lift you up.

6. Think about your assets and strengths. Start today acknowledging them! If you have a killer sense of humor, start making a point of sharing it more often. Take what works for you and work it.

7. Don't think that low self confidence is something that reading this article through will fix. Self confidence is something that must be faced each day. You have to go over these 7 steps, not only daily, but sometimes several times a day. You'll soon recognize the negative, "potential" robbers for what they are - whether they're other people, deragatory thoughts, or unrealistic expectations.

Have you ever watched a makeover show? At the end, the person who was "made over" doesn't really look all that different physically - but they have a different presence about them. They hold their head higher, they smile, they even twirl in front of the mirror! The change has taken place, and 95% of it occured in their own minds.

It's always the same thing, they weren't appreciating or accentuating their assets enough, they were being weighed down with negative thoughts about perceived "flaws" and weren't doing enough to rid themselves of actual "flaws". All the hairdressers, wardrobe department, and make-up artists do is show them what was there all along - underneath the insecurities and behind the doubts.
Your best is right there, as well, and we want very much for you to find it and flaunt it!

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