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Put Your Sexy On!
From: The Mental Fitness Center

You, lucky you, have a really big night coming up. Maybe it's a first date with someone you've had your eyes on for awhile. Maybe it's someone you've been dating and want to turn the heat up with. Or maybe it's a spouse and you want to let them know that they still move your world.

Whomever it is, you want to hit them with your sexiest look, hit them so hard they'll reel from it. Simply put, you want to put your sexy on!

First things first, be sure you're magnificently clean, well groomed and subtly smelling sensational. Wear something you're comfortable in, that fits your body and is appropriate for where you're going and who you are.

Now you're ready to put on the sexiest thing you can wear. It isn't the hot clothes, the hair, or even the shoes. It's confidence, and if you leave home without it, you'd be better off not leaving home at all.

The sexiest thing anyone can have ON is confidence. Think about it, with the ridiculously glaring exceptions of Angelina and Johnny, most of Hollywood's "hottest" are really very average-looking. But they think they're the hottest thing going. Next thing you know, the media's buying into what they're selling, then we all fall for it. People who wouldn't warrant a second look if you saw them on the street top "hottest" lists on a regular basis. It all started in their minds. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool!

Two final words:
Ladies: How sexy would you find a man if he kept talking about his weight, kept messing with his hair or kept looking at his reflection in everything that would produce one? Insecure = Not sexy.
Men: How sexy would you find a woman who kept eyeing every member of the opposite sex and flirtting with everyone between the ages of 9 and 90? Doesn't make you look cool, just desperate for attention. Desperate = not sexy.

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About the Author: This article was written by the editors of The Mental Fitness Center and Out of Bounds.

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