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How to Overcome Negative Thinking in Seconds
By: Garry Munro

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Negative thoughts can be very self-destructing, it's true that how we think is who we are.

Before I go on any further, let's take a quick test

Close your eyes and count slowly to 10, while counting concentrate on listening to the numbers.

What did that prove?

While you were counting, what else were you thinking about? Unless you're different from most people the answer would be, "I only thought of the numbers".

Our minds can only think of one thing at a time, so next time a self doubt or a negative thought pops into your mind, then quickly think of something positive, in other words, change the conversation in your head and this will change the negative thoughts in your mind.

Have on stand by a few positive thoughts that you can switch too next time the negative ones attack your thinking.

Do this every time a negative thought enters your thinking and you'll be surprised by the changes to your life, pretty soon you'll find that after you changed to the positive thought a positive action will follow.

As well as, the mind switching thought technique, why not find a "peaceful" spot where you won't be disturbed and for at least 15 minutes everyday, practice thinking nothing but positive thoughts or thinking nothing at all, before too long you'll be amazed by the results.

About the Author: Garry is a successful consultant, speaker, mentor & coach in the area of self-development.
Based in Sydney Australia he runs his own business "Minds Alike" and works with small business owners and individuals assisting them to set & achieve their goals.
You can view his blog site at http:// www.mindsalike.blogspot.com.

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