You Have Super Powers!

Mental Fitness, Motivational, Positive Affirmations

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I just added a new article to TMFC, “You Have Super Powers!” Check it out and see just what a “jacked up” you could demand from life!


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  • Hey Joi,
    GREAT POST, Affirmations are the way to shape the world we currently live in (well from our own perspective at least). I been a superman fan my whole life, matter of fact he is my role model, in the sense that he serves people and his whole identity is connected to contribution. I found that the only time i ever experience success and fullfilment,was through the power of mental conditioning (affirmation, auto suggestion, etc). Now i live my dream, serving people just like superman, and i think it is fundamental that everybody learns the power of positive rehersal. I think many people can benefit from this post, maybe you should give some suggestions to people as to what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.
    Otherwise i got some interesting informations on success conditioning on my blog over here if your interested.
    best regards
    Kristian Hahndel

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