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Last night my husband and I swang by Starbucks for a couple of sexy drinks. Okay, mine was sexy – his was homely green tea. Unsweetened, even, which made it double homely.

Then we took our drinks for a long ride through the country – past a lake I’d never seen before, past gorgeous horses, hills, farms, endless trees…all the beautiful things that make Kentucky so pretty-ful.

I saw a man washing his truck in a driveway and I wondered if he appreciated the view around him. I wondered if he ever just looked around in awe. I wondered if he got up in the morning and drank his coffee on the porch and listened to the country while watching the horses stroll through the morning dew. I wondered if he ever just pinched himself.

Amazingly enough, the truth is that he has probably grown accustomed to his surroundings. “The hills, the trees, the horses….well, sure, they’re pretty I guess….”

When we moved away from Kentucky and lived on the beach in Florida for awhile, the scenery took my breath away every time I stepped outside. I’d watch in amazement as people who’d lived there all their life would walk right past dolphins playing near the shore, and not even give them a second glance. I’d be fumbling around looking for a camera, not wanting to look away even for a second to glance in my bag….looking like the ultimate tourist, I guess, big hat and all. (I SO wore that hat.)

If we’d take the time to look around at our surroundings as though we were seeing them for the first time, we’d be utterly amazed…fascinated, even. There’s so much beauty everywhere – unfortunately we often just take it for granted. The only thing that’d be worse than taking it for granted would be missing the beauty because we’re too busy looking for life’s negatives.

We should take the time to look for nature’s beauty and then insist that time stand still while we bask in it. It’s the sort of thing that does wonders for your spirit!

Make each moment count double,

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  • haha, ok, i promise to look for the BEAUTY around me.. and i dont just mean when i’m watching my johnny depp DVDs 😉

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