Winners Never Quit

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Winners never Quit. That’s another one of those sayings that’s like a great spouse – it’s always there for us but we take it totally for granted.

Yet if you invite the quote in to sit with you for a while – maybe have a little coffee and biscotti with it – it might just be the motivation you need. Motivation, of course, is just a polite way to say Kick in the Pants.

I’ve been thinking about different men and women who, in my opinion, are winners. I’m sure each had times in their lives when the going got so tough, the days so long, and the obstacles so overwhelming that they wanted to throw in the white towel. Times when they were faced with two options:

1. Keep Working, Keep Fighting, and Keep On Keeping On.


2. Walk Away and Never Look Back.

There’s one thing all winners have in common – they never choose option #2. But there’s a long, long, long list of losers who did. And who can blame them – that’s the easiest way! Choosing #1 invites headaches, strife, stress, sleepless nights, restless mornings, cancelled fun, and hard work. And the obstacles….I’ve got to take a moment to give life it’s props for the obstacles it chooses and uses. It gets amazingly creative and impossibly heartless with the obstacles it throws at us.

It reminds me of those big orange barrels that road crews place along roads. Except life’s obstacles don’t just sit there like the barrels, they come flying at you fast and hard. Some days I wonder if I’m not spending more time dodging obstacles than anything else. And that’s the problem, obstacles bring our forward progress to a stand still – you just can’t move forward when you have to stop to address this problem or that setback. You have to throw on your brakes, take care of business and THEN you can put the keep on back in the keeping on.

I think a lot of people start looking for the exit ramp when they confront an obstacle. The problem with that is they never get where they’re going – they go back where they came from. And in doing so, cement the second half of our quote…..

“And quitters never win.”

Make each moment count double,

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