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First post. Awkward as kissing in front of your mom. Okay, it’s not that awkward.

Why blog?
(In a nasal little Beaver Cleaver voice) “Everybody else is!” True, that. But the real reason is to have a means to communicate better with visitors and friends-to-be. There are often things on my mind that just aren’t “website-appropriate” (sometimes they’re really not appropriate. Period. Another story.). All goes on blogs, though…the playground of the internet!

Sometimes the posts will be fluff, nothing more than a rant and rave over a St. Louis loss (Phillies split a series with us? Phillies??) or something bizarre that catches my eye in the newspaper (The democrats are keeping a pretty low profile lately. Where’s my boy Kerry: fodder, fodder, fodder…). I just might wade into the deep end on occasion and say something meaningful. ‘Twill be a goal.

This is new, virgin grounds with us (Myself and the other publishers behind “The Mental Fitness Center” constitute “us” – not voices in my head. I never speak of them. To them, but never of them.), so please be gentle in your posts. We’ll get better as we go along. If not, we won’t “go along” – we’ll just go.

Make each moment count double,

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