When RIGHT is LEFT Behind

Tough Love!

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I read an article yesterday about two of Michael Jackson’s jurors. Seems they feel guilty now and think they made a mistake. Hmph. They picked a fine time to think, didn’t they? I kind of wish they’d just kept their mouth shuts. They have practice after all.

I haven’t the time nor the fortitude to delve into Mr. Jackson’s psyche, but I do want to think out loud about these two ex-jurors. I don’t want to come across as overly judgmental – I detest the way judgmental looks on anyone, I certainly don’t want to try it on myself. However, I love kids more than I hate judgmental, so this would be me suiting up.

These two -and any of the other 10 who have consciences – had to know who they were excusing as well as what they were excusing.

We’ve seen it in other trials, far too many times. The facts are right there, but unfortunately so is fear and so is pressure. Each time, a dozen people threw out what they knew was the right thing to do and went with what they percieved to be the safe thing to do. If this continues, where will our society go? The criminals will be given a free pass to do as they choose without fear of consequences, because average citizens now have chicken shoot where a conscience once dwelt.

I take back what I said earlier about wishing the two had just kept quiet. They were right to speak out, they were just late. They know that. Now. Now just isn’t quite good enough.

A man was allowed to walk the streets who should’ve been made to lie on the couches. All because people refused to do what they knew was the right thing to do. Maybe we can all take more than a headache away from this. A lesson lies in the middle of the rubble. In nearly every situation, we’re confronted with two choices. We can do what we know is right or we can shove right underneath the rug and do the wrong thing.

The kicker is – something happens when we throw right under the rug. It makes a killer bump that sooner or later will trip us. Every. Time.


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