What’s On Our Reader’s Minds: From Depression to Dementia

Mental Fitness

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On our main website, TMFC, I have a form that, basically, asks the reader what’s on his or her mind. They’re encouraged to let me know what concerns or subjects they’d like to read more about.

This form has been up for quite a few years and the top replies have never changed. Year in, year out, people are most concerned about:

  1. Depression/ The Blues/ Lifting Your Mood
  2. Self Confidence/Self Image TIES with Overcoming Anxieties
  3. Relationships/ Getting Along With Others
  4. Staying Mentally Sharp/Avoiding Dementia/Having a Better Memory

There are a great number of other responses, of course, but the four concerns above are the most frequent responses.

For the month of August, I’m going to take each concern – one per week – and round up all of the information, resources, advice, quotes, etc. and add them to my own thoughts (for what they’re worth!).  I plan to put up at least 4 posts per subject. 

We’ll start with Depression.  I’ve been reading a great deal about the subject and, hopefully, we can uncover exactly what some of our readers need to put a smile back on the face of their world.   The first post in this series should be up tomorrow. 

Make each moment count double!
~ Joi

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