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Tough Love!

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Yesterday was what could only be called an ugly day. Our washing machine decided it no longer wanted to to do that for a living. No two weeks notice, no “Au revoir et à demain.” It just didn’t show up for work.

My youngest daughter and I graced a Laundromat for a couple of hours. I actually like laundromats, so it was okay – I love the smell of laundry detergent and fabric softener, so at least my olfactory senses were pleased. It was a pretty lousy laundromat, though. More machines were out of order than were in order (must be an epidemic), the magazines sucked my grandma’s knees, and the tv was on a bad soap opera. If it had to be on a soap, why couldn’t it have been a good one….like, One Life to Live? It was on General Hospital which, like my mom’s meatloaf, hasn’t been good since the 80’s.

The worst, kick-me-right-in-the-gut-with-steel-toed-boots part of the day was yet to come. When we got home, we found out that one of our cats was missing. Constantine or Sugar (He had two names, which around our house doesn’t raise any eyebrows) was just a month old but it doesn’t take terribly long to fall in love with a kitten. He was nothing short of beautiful – and as sweet as southern tea. Two of my daughters and I walked and called and walked and called in all 100 of the degrees of the day for over two hours, courting heat stroke and exhaustion. We looked up trees, under cars…everywhere imaginable – the whole time calling out both of his names, in case he had one he preferred.

As soon as my husband got home, the 6’2, tough-guy, ex-serviceman (Army and Air Force) was out there with us, calling and looking – even asking our sparce neighbors if they’d seen him. Even as terrible and heartbroken as I felt, the cute factor of Michael out there looking for a little kitten that fit into the palm of his hand touched my heart.

Sadly, we never found the little guy. I’ve had cats all my life, so I know they come and they go – but it hurts, nonetheless. Isn’t it strange how when something like this happens, we cherish what we have even more. I had to force myself to come inside last night because I didn’t want to leave the mama cat or the other 3 kittens. I could’ve held them all night. They can’t come inside, I’m afraid, because of our oldest cat. She’s a beautiful long-haired diva extraordinairre, chubby, forever hungry, set in her ways, high strung, over 12 years old and cherished as though she were made of gold. She calls the shots. We’re just grateful she lets us inside.

I can’t say I know why days like yesterday have to happen. The why doesn’t really matter, though, does it? Whatever the day gives us we just have to take. If it’s good, we can hold onto and savor every minute. If it’s ugly, we have to grit our teeth, be thankful it isn’t any uglier and just get through it.

Prettier days, and happier posts, lie ahead.
I have kittens to coddle.
Cat Pause

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