Too Busy to Remember What you Don’t Remember?

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It’s no secret that we’re busier today than ever before. As annoying as that “Git er done!” can be, it just may sum up the day in which we live. Everything’s so bleeping expensive, we have to work longer than before just to buy the necessities. Want more than that? You’d better be willing to put in more than 8 hours.

Then, if you have a spouse, children, home, pets, elderly parents, etc – you don’t work on the clock, you work around the clock. My state of perpetual business struck me the other day when my husband said, “When you get a free moment, you might want to…” – the words trailed off there, as I was trying to remember what a free moment was. I was kind of surprised he even knew the phrase – he must’ve heard it somewhere.

A maddening side-effect of business is “less available memory.” When we’re tied up, mentally and physically, in our work – we’re much less likely to remember whatever we’re told. This leads to the, “Are you SURE you told me to pick up your shirt at the cleaners?” Then, if we’re really lucky, we’ll make a total spectacle out of ourselves by saying, “You must have told somebody else.” Who else?!

When our minds get totally wrapped up in a particular task or worry, memories (and learning) have to fight for our attention – and, often, unless they’re accompanied by fireworks and a marching band, they lose. It’d be really easy to say, “Step back from your business and realize that you’re overdoing it….. You don’t have to work so much…. Life’s meant to be enjoyed, not just worked through…” and if I was a really good self help blogger, that’s where I’d leave it.

But, alas, I’m woefully human – and I know that sometimes you have to work 10 hour days because that’s what life has handed you. Yes, you should grab as much quiet time and recreation as possible (for mental as well as physical fitness), but sometimes it is what it is. When this is the case, the answer’s pretty simple – in fact it’s black and white. Or blue and white, depending upon your color of ink.

If you recognize yourself in this post, go out today and buy a great looking little notebook and a hot pen. Then keep them both well within reach. Write down even the thing your absolutely 100 percent certain you’ll remember. Leave nothing to chance, because chance bites the busy person right on the butt…each and every time.

Make each moment count double (and write it down!),

The Great Notebook and Hot Pen are from Office Depot….One of my favoritest places around!

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