Three Alternatives to the Car Radio-o-oh

Relaxation, Tough Love!

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I positively love listening to the radio while driving or riding. Depending upon the song, I’ve been known to seat dance, sing along, or just get lost in either the lyrics or the memories they bring to the surface.

The right song can bring about absolute euphoria as the city goes flying past the car windows. Today, a current favorite song, Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long,” blared through the speakers as the Kid and I drove across town – singing and slurping Iced Green Tea from Panera Bread.

However, if there’s one thing I love even more than mini concerts in my car, it’s learning. That’s why I love so many of the podcasts my husband downloads. We listened to a Stephen Pierce podcast about a week ago and I’m still charged up from it!

In addition to podcasts, another way to use (as in REALLY use) time spent in your vehicle is audio books.  If reading more is something you’d love to do, but never seem to find extra time, audio books are the perfect solution.  You’re going to be in the car anyway, right?  You might as well learn something while there.

Finally, when’s the last time you rode along in absolute silence?   It’s an amazing way to clear your head – you’ll hear thoughts you would have otherwise missed.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to meditate and/or pray.  It’s hard to beat God for a riding companion.  He always has something to say worth listening to! 

I always have, and I always will, love music and the radio.  It’s like having a soundtrack to your life and that’s pretty sweet.  I’m just suggesting that every now and then, we should try to use that time in a way that’ll benefit us even after we step out of the car.

Make each moment count double,


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