The WeekEND!

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Adam and Alexa!

Do you treat Saturday and Sunday as the weekEND or as a weekEXTENSION? Your answer carries a lot of weight with your health. According to Reuters, a lack of weekend rest and relaxation puts your heart at risk. If you’re like me, that’s one of the last things you want to risk!

A little R&R is also essential to your mental health. Monday – Friday is spent at a break neck pace. Whether you actually realize it or not, you’re turned ON and turned UP each of those days, and it takes its toll. When the weekend rolls around, the body and the mind need….even crave…..being turned OFF and turned DOWN. It not only provides much-needed rest and relaxation, it serves to recharge you for the week ahead.

So, hit the golf course, go fishing, grill out, take a drive, watch tv, or hang out with a couple of cats like Adam and Alexa (pictured above). They’re all about relaxation. In fact, Adam owns rights to the word.

Make each weekend moment count!

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