The War Against Cancer

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When, by some stroke of genetic luck, we aren’t on the front lines in the battle with cancer (either fighting for our own lives or for that of a loved one), we can get complacent. Given half a chance, we could even fool ourselves into thinking that it isn’t even our fight to fight. We would, of course, be painfully wrong and foolishly shortsighted.

The fight against cancer is everyone’s battle. In fact, every 30 seconds someone in America hears a doctor say, “You have cancer.” Some are fortunate enough to make it through life without having three of the scariest words known to man directed at them. But few, if any, make it through life without knowing at least one person who was very much on the receiving end.

Every single one of us should begin today…

  • …to support Cancer Research
  • …to learn about Preventive measures
  • …to find out what foods stave off various forms of cancer.
  • find out what your chances are of developing cancer, based upon genetics and lifestyle.

Head on over to to assess your chances of developing ovarian, breast, colon and other types of cancer. After the tool estimates your risk(s), you’ll be given personalized tips for prevention.

The projected number of cancer survivors in 2010 is 15 million. 15 Million! Two of the reasons are better detection and better treatments. Another reason is that people are becoming better educated.

Education can be a very potent thing, no?

Make each moment count double,
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