The Tragedies of Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith

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“A man who finds no satisfaction in himself will seek for it in vain elsewhere.” – La Rochefoucauld

I believe that quote, alone, could account for a vast number of addictions people stare down every day. We get so mad at and impatient with people who have addictions or weaknesses, but most of the time the addictions stem from pain, not a desire to inconvenience us.

This is one of the reasons the whole Britney Spears tragedy is, in my opinion, such a sad thing to watch. She’s obviously suffering from at least one addiction. Experts agree that checking oneself into and out of clinics is textbook behavior for addicts – Britney just seems to be doing it more frequently than most. In one day, out the next…

Even the whole hair-shaving saga stemmed from the addiction. Witnesses overheard a fight Britney had with the father of her children, Kevin Federline. He told her that he’d prove her drug addictions by having her hair tested. She immediately went and had her head shaved. Later, she was seen shaving and crying beside a pool at a hotel. She couldn’t get a room because she didn’t have any credit cards or id on her.

How sadly ironic that her story is sharing time in the news now with the train wreck that was Anna Nicole Smith’s life. Another scenario where drugs and alcohol ruined a life and then claimed it way too soon. I can’t even get my mind around what all is coming out in the news about Anna Nicole’s life – or the fact that her body is actually being fought over. It’s as though she’s on trial and, yet, she isn’t even alive to speak for herself. I don’t know, maybe it’s Kharma in a sense – remember the elderly little man she married who became nothing but dollar signs after he passed away?

But, back to Britney – the one who there’s still hope for….albeit a fading hope. Personally, I think the girl has suffered from postpartum depression – probably with both pregnancies. Women have had this affliciton before so badly that they’ve tried to kill themself and/or harm their children. They’re so completely unhappy with themselves and their life that nothing matters except trying to escape or outrun the pain. Depression and addictions walk hand in hand and they never go anywhere worth going.

I really hope that at some point someone will do the thinking and decision making for this 25 year old girl who is, right now, incapable of doing either for herself. Everyone’s talking about her losing her children, but I’m afraid that’s not all she’s in danger of losing. I mean, who’d honestly be surprised to hear that she’d been found just as Anna was? The people in her life need to get that image in their minds and move Heaven and earth to save her from herself.

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  • The Anna Nicole thing, really bothered me, as all unfortunate deaths do.

    The Britney thing, has bothered me since she started in the pop business, I always felt like she was never happy and that she was pushed into that world.
    Don’t get me wrong, she made the choices but it is still very sad.

    I hope someone can reach her, before it is too late – She is still young and could have a long happy life… but I think it will require her getting out of the business.

  • I agree. I hope she gets the help she needs for her sake as well as her two babies.

  • You will see first hand Anna in her kitchen, saying \”I want to say to Britney Spears, if you want to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you. I think you\’re totally cool and I think we\’re about to have our babies around the same time. I\’d love to meet you. You can call my lawyer and best friend Howard Stern.\” Smith then blows a kiss for Britney. \”I hope you do great on your second pregnancy.\” What\’s that all about?

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