The Power of Affirmations

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Make each moment count double!

Have you noticed that affirmations are getting more and more attention in the field of self help? The reason is clear: Affirmations are essentially seeds of growth. They allow you to tap into what is already inside of you, find your inner strength and grow to all new heights! The more you use them, the further you’ll go and the higher you’ll grow.

I so fully and completely believe in the power of affirmations, I’ve added a new category to Out of Bounds – Affirmation. Posts dealing with affirmations, as well as some of the best affirmations I can find will be found under this heading.

I also recently added a great new article to TMFC called “The Power of Affirmations.”
It was written by Jeff Griswold and I encourage you to read and re-read each word. It’s powerful stuff!

Make each affirmation count double,

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  • But one must be careful. Sometimes, affirmations can mask our problems. We may think we are okay, but we in reality won’t be achieving real growth. It depends on the nature of the affirmation.

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