The Olympics: Bring ’em On!

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Okay, I’m psyched. I love the Olympics and I’m ready for the fun to begin!

Sure, I’m a sports fan – but it really isn’t the athleticism that makes the Olympics so appealing to me. It’s the human drama and passion. I mean, these athletes have dedicated their life to a dream, who couldn’t get caught up in watching these dreams come true?! You can see it on their faces in the opening ceremonies – they’ve arrived, on the threshold of everything they’ve fought for, sacrificed for, and lived for.

I also love the biological profiles of the athletes – learning about their lives and personalities. Great stuff.

I’m as patriotic as the next person, but to me it’s even more than just cheering on the athletes from your own country, it’s about cheering onand for everyone. Below are a few links – just in case you’re getting as anxious as I am!

Top 10 Olympic Storylines

The Official Website of the Olympic Moment

Torino 2006 Official Site

Have a great weekend and enjoy the games!

Make each moment count double,

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