The Most Magical Time of the Year


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In my last post, I certainly didn’t mean to make it sound like December has been a total drag – far from it. Actually, time away from “the home office,” has been as happy as possible – because, even though we miss my mother terribly, we know she’s having her best Christmas ever. Can you imagine what Heaven must be like during the Christmas Season…talk about beautiful. AND, she’s reunited with her own mom, my dad, and a baby brother (hers) that she never got a chance to know.

I love this time of year like no other – the baking, the shopping, the lights, the snow (Love snow!), the sights, the sounds, the smells – any time I try to sum up this time of year, I always come up with the same phrase, “It’s just magical.” It’s as though the world puts on its best face and everyone pulls out all the stops to make everything as glorious as possible.

I sincerly hope you and your loved ones are embracing every precious minute and cherishing your time together. Even the chaos and strains are magical in their own way…though my feet certainly didn’t feel like it last night.

Have a magical Christmas Season,

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