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Be Happy!

Many people are expecting happiness the way we expect a package in the mail. It’ll come…maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day…

They think, IF this happens, WHEN that happens, AFTER this is over; that’s not happiness, it’s happen-ness.

As F.D. Van Amburgh wrote, “Happiness is a condition of the mind.” It’s not a matter of everything being perfectly lined-up, shiny, and flawless. If we wait for perfection to be happy…you guessed it, we’ll be unhappy forever. Prospects don’t come any darker than that, do they?

People who work hard, love freely, give of their time and money to others, and embrace life for what it is are the happiest people in the world. They don’t have time to worry about what they don’t have, they’re too busy enjoying and taking care of what they do have!

If a person isn’t happy today, they probably aren’t going to be happy tomorrow – not even when “this” happens or “that” goes away. A person who puts a CONDITION on happiness will put a CONDITION on happiness tomorrow.

Said another way, they’d just find something else to nag or whine about.

The only way for an individual to snap themself out of such a miserable state of mind is for them to realize that they’re there in the first place. They have to take complete responsibility for the way they’ve been thinking; that means no finger pointing. They can’t make excuses for themselves, no matter how much validity the excuses may have. After all, none of us make it through life unscratched or unharmed. We all feel its claws from time to time!

Sometimes, a person simply has to realize that it’s time to change, time to move on, and time to (most importantly) allow themself to be happy. Because, regardless of what you may have heard… as beautiful as the hills of Kentucky look, as much fun as a Florida beach is, and as cool as Texans are…. Happiness is easily the greatest state to live in.

Make each moment count double,

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