The Greatest Invention


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Here’s a first for me here at The Out of Bounds Blog…a Trackback.

I read 73 blogs on a regular basis. That is, when they have a post. Some are daily, some weekly, some are scatter shot.

One that I read everytime he posts is Don The Idea Guy. He’s part of the Duct Tape Marketing Network of 9 or so blogs. They were started by John Jantsch. Don is just that…an idea guy. He gives me ideas. On a regular basis.

Today, in the post I’m attempting to Trackback, he spoke of necessity being the mother of invention and desperation being the father. As usual, he gave me an idea.

One of our other sites is a book of sparkplugs, idea generators, if you will.

We’re gonna convert this over to a product for bloggers. Bloggers need inspiration, on a daily basis. They need ideas, they need quotes. We got ’em.

One of the first people I’m gonna send a free copy to is Don. He’s the idea guy. He gave me one. Thanks, Don.

Speaking of necessity/genius being the mother of invention. I read, in our book, a quote along those lines.

We often read of the mother of genius, but seldom realize that back of many of our greatest inventions is the inspiration of a mother.

Thanks, F.D. Van Amburgh.

My wife is a true inspiration for our 3 daughters, but moreso for me. If you have a mother who inspired you to do something you didn’t think you could do, call her, say thanks and tell her Goober says ” Hey ! “.

Thanks again, Don. Thanks again, Joi.

Life’s tough…blog hard !

~ Mike

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