The Golden Rule

Tough Love!

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I fought the library, which is humiliating, but I did win. To have lost would have been so humilating I’d have inflicted self harm.

They, the librarians from hell, called me twice insisting that I had an overdue book. I explained that I had returned the book when I returned my other ones. All that fuss, and sweet Mary, mother of God, it wasn’t even a Koontz.

A week went by and I forgot all about it. Then, yesterday, I got a snippy letter in the mail telling me I would have to either buy the book, or the matter would be turned over to a collection agency.

So, I went in this morning and explained the situation to the librarian at the desk. She granted me a repreive and said she’d give me 60 days to “FIND” the book. So I did. I went right to the shelf it should have been on. And it was.

I took it to her and told her I had indeed “FOUND” it. She said, “Oh. You had brought it back. It was our mistake.” The thing is, not even checking for the book on the shelf was a mistake. The letter was an insult.

With all the horrors that have become commonplace, this incident isn’t even a blip on the radar screen of life. But it was a pain in the Levi’s and it is a lesson in how to NOT treat people.

Didn’t someone once say that we should treat others the way we’d want them to treat us? That’s an awesome game plan, why aren’t more people willing to play?

Make each moment count double,

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