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No getting around it, there’s only 24 hours in any given day. I’ve yet to find a way to make a day cough up any more. I’ve tried! Face it, we have to work with what we have. But, maybe…just maybe….we actually have more than we realize.

Let’s take a closer look at our typical day by breaking it down:

  • At least 8 of the 24 are spent by most people working, whether it’s out of the home, or in the home – work is work, and it accounts for a big chunk of our day. Now subtract 8 more hours for sleep. 8 + 8=16 even in my challenged math world. Over half of our day’s claimed already!
  • If you happen to be the primary cook, housecleaner, gardener, and laundry manager – you can scratch off an extra 2 hours.
  • If you’re a good girl or boy, you also get some sort of physical activity each day – so factor in another hour.
  • 19 of the 24 have been claimed, leaving us with 5. We’ll chop off one of those 5 for the surprises that life tends to hurl our way. And for the times we need more time on the court – because we WILL not quit until we find our serve, more time in the kitchen – because supper includes homemade rolls, or more time at work – because something flopped that was intended to fly.

And then there were 4. FOUR magical, unclaimed, FREE hours for us to use as we choose.

Spent wisely, these 4 hours could greatly add to our quality of life. If we read the right sort of things, pursue the right sort of knowledge, and try to better ourselves inside of the 240 minutes – we could shape our minds and our lives into the form we desire the most.

Spent unwisely, these 4 hours will be our damnation. Track your own “Final Four.” Do you spend them or do they spend you?

Four hours a day could be powerful stuff!

Could be.

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