The Difference Between the Right Road and the Wrong Road


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We all have one thing in common – we’re all striving toward something. Whether it’s Mr. or Mrs. Right, a dream home, a happy family, security, a Jag, or a million in the bank, arent’ we all basically just trying to shore up the distance between here and there?
There are a jillion motivational quotes that tell us that “Believing” is the key to getting “there”. Sounds good, looks good – but what if what were believing in and banking on is just plain wrong? You’re believing with all your heart, but wrong is wrong no matter how much you believe in it.
Motivational quotes also love to tell us to KEEP ON GOING, don’t give up…Plug, baby, plug! They’re getting warmer, but again, what if we’re headed the right way but are taking the wrong route? If we keep chugging in the wrong direction, we get further and further from the right direction, don’t we? Not good.
Let’s get in the car for a minute. You drive. (My driving would horrify you.) Our destination? St. Louis. Joi wants to see the Cardinals in their old stadium before they move into their new one next year. So we set out from Kentucky with Missouri on our mind. Hours later, we see a sign that welcomes us to Milwaukee. You blew it. For the love of Pujols, Joi didn’t want to see the Brewers!
You could have been plugging along, fully believing in your plan, but you still wound up in Wisconsin. With a grief-striken passenger, vowing to make you famous.
See, that’s the thing. Sometimes we know full well where we want to go, and we know what’s waiting on us when we get there. We’re headed in the right direction, but we’re approaching the thing all wrong and we’re getting nowhere fast. That’s when we have to get out our mental road map, and see if there’s a better road between here and there.
Take a look at the road you’re on. Are you any closer to your goal(s) today than you were a year ago? If the answer is “yes”, treat yourself to a latte, you’re on the right path. Heck, I’d buy you the latte myself if I could! However if the answer is something different, take a long, hard look at the “road” you’re taking.
You’ll never make it to the right place on the wrong road.
Make each moment count double,


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