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“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

has raised it’s vile, ugly arm against the innocent again. It unleashed it’s hatred on the unsuspecting city of London this morning.

Here we go again.

Innocent lives have been lost, innocent human beings have been hurt and people all over the world now have to wonder what will happen next, to whom and how. It’s like knowing a monster is coming, but not knowing from which direction. The terrorists declared war on the civilized world long ago – and,thanks be to God, our leaders have seen fit to fight back. I’m utterly amazed that any so-called learned people would express outrage over the USA or her allies standing up to evil. Where would we be today if our founding fathers had been like so many of these war protestors? Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln had looked the other way?

These people go around flashing the peace sign, lambasting Bush, and refusing to acknowledge our troops for the heroes they are. They align themselves more with the enemy than they do their own country. There are a few celebrities I wish would just go move in with the terrorists. They’re not doing us any good.

Peace is one of the sweetest words in our vocabulary, but where do people get the impression that it’s free?! It never has been free, why should it be now? And why should we be the only nation to enjoy freedom? After all, to those who have much, much is expected. It should fill each and every American’s heart with pride to think that fellow Americans are out there fighting not only for us but for others who can’t fight for themselves.

Seems to me that a lot of people need to go back to school and hit the history books. They need to see that sometimes you have to fight, and GUESS WHAT, war isn’t pretty. You have two choices – beat them or get beat. Had the idiots rather be beaten?? If they had, they’re on the wrong side.

Make each moment count double,
The Mental Fitness Center

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