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I am a huge boxing fan.

I especially love and over the years have read about the old time prize fighters.

Bob Fitzsimmons was one of those. He was not a large man by any stretch of the imagination and was generally smaller than his opponents.

He was described as ungainly in his build and his movements ( I can relate ).

Bob was often knocked down or knocked around in the early rounds of his fights.

I can relate to this, too.

Many people consider him to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time.

He was not a favorite of the masses, at first, but grew to be one by winning. Who’d have thought THAT would work ?

He had great natural power and from any angle he could and did knock his opponents silly. He was said to be able “to deliver a wicked blow that no human being could withstand. “

But, more formidable still, was the spirit which gave him complete command of all his resources. This and his great natural power made him the most dangerous when he was on the verge of being knocked out.

I had just came into our ” war-room” and found a book of poems that Joi had laying on the desk. When I picked it up, it opened to this poem…….

When the battle breaks against you and the crowd forgets to cheer,
When the Anvil Chorus echoes with the essence of a jeer;
When the knockers start their panning in the knocker’s nimble way,
With a rap for all your errors and a josh upon your play.
There is one quick answer ready that will nail them on the wing;
There is one reply forthcoming that will wipe away the sting;
There is one elastic come-back that will hold them, as it should,
Make good.

No matter where you finish in the mix-up or the row,
There are those among the rabble who will pan you anyhow;
But the entry who is sticking and delivering the stuff,
Can listen to the yapping as he giggles up his cuff;
The loafer has no come-back and the quitter no reply,
When the Anvil Chorus echoes, as it will, against the sky;
But there’s one quick answer ready that will wrap them in a hood,
Make good.

Thank you, Grantland Rice.

I intended this to be for my friend, Paul at
Self Help Daily, but I believe it came out meaning more to me.
I can only hope it helps him.

Life’s short…blog hard !


EDIT – Coincidentally, Ryan Latham wrote about success today on his blog. You can read the post at Define Blog

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