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Ever gotten into your car and taken off driving – unsure of your final destination? You know you’re looking for something in particular – a restaurant or, if on vacation, a hotel. That’s pretty much the approach my family always takes. We just take off and see where we end up.

That’s kind of what’s happening with this post. Esssentially, I just got into the car, buckled up and am headed off. In the same way we’ll take off knowing we want lunch, but not knowing where we’ll eat… I know I want to say something but haven’t a clue what I’ll say!

A new audiotape from why-in-the-name-of-all-that’s-Holy-won’t-he-die Osama bin Laden warns that plans for attacks in the United States are under way. So, the mind is left wondering, what sort of fresh hell might we wake up to tomorrow morning?

Of course, not everyone wakes up to a fresh new hell courtesy of a maniacal mad man. Most people find themselves thrust into their own personal hell because of horrific twists of fate. One of my husband’s friends recently received a call from his lovely wife after she saw the doctor. She was told she has Muscular Dystrophy. He rushed home to her side and into hell with her. Fate didn’t care that they were a happy young couple. Fate didn’t take their two young sons into consideration. It just struck, from out of the blue.

None of us know what we’ll wake up to on any given day. I recall a September 11 when I most definitely didn’t get from Good Morning America what I’d expected to. No celebrity chefs, fitness tips or chipper weather that morning. Just hell. Like we hadn’t seen in a while. I really, really, really wish I could say with absolute certainty that it was like we’ll never see again.

Hmmmm. Still not sure exactly where I’m heading. I guess I just want to remind us all to make life all that it can be, not to take any person or any moment for granted. Life’s too precious for hate, anger, pettiness, or selfishness. Let go of what doesn’t matter and nourish that which is most important.

Reach out to others – email, call, IM, write, send notes…. We ought to strenghten our relationships, we’re all in this together.

Finally, make a point of giving to those who need it each and every week. Whenever you can, whatever you can. Spread happiness, love, and most of all, Hope.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Take care and….
Make. Each. Moment. Count. Double.

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