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I’m sure we all catch ourselves fretting about this or stressing over that from time to time. But if we can train our minds to snap us out of that trap as soon as we enter it, we’ll be a lot better off. We need to realize that the amount of time we spend worring about the ‘this and that’s of life could be much better spent dealing with them.

I know I have to catch myself, sometimes. I’ll find myself sitting and staring at my to do list, while stealing glances at the ever-ticking clock. Thoughts like, “I”ve got all THAT to do, and no more time than THIS to do it in?!” race around in my head. Time spent like this does nothing but weaken us – it cuts us off right at the knees, and we’re defeated before we even get started.

But if we just keep working away on our list, chopping at the great oak with one swing of the ax at a time, we’ll just get stronger and stronger with each swing.

The next time you feel like the weight of the world is on you, fight your way out from under it. Don’t talk about getting out…don’t stress that you aren’t out yet….and certainly don’t look around for anyone to pin blame on.

Just do what you know has to be done, and keep doing it until it is done. In the end, the reward will be two-fold. Not only will you have the weight of the world off of you, you’ll be a much stronger person. So when the world tries to climb on you again (and it will), you’ll be able to hold the weight without your knees buckling.

After awhile, you’ll be so strong you’ll barely even notice when it climbs on.

Make each moment count double,

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