Stop Planning and Just Do


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There are lots of things I do that I disapprove of – from the ridiculous way I drive to the unhealthy obsession I have with doughnuts. I’m also not wild about the way I let my desk get overrun with papers before I do something about it. Let’s see, it’s November, right? Too late for New Year’s Resolutions to kick in???

Too late for New Year’s Resolutions to kick in.

To be honest, I’ve grown pretty accustomed to each of those things – in fact last night I actually needed some information on one of those papers. I started to throw it away a few weeks ago, because I felt 99.9 percent sure I’d never need the information – but since 99.9 percent didn’t read 100 percent, I just stuck the paper underneath some other papers. Lo and behold, last night, out of the blue I desperately needed that info.

Power to the pack rat!

Actually, the thing that drives me nuts about me the most is that I think too darn much. Don’t let anyone fool you, thinking isn’t always a good thing – especially when you do it in a circular fashion! I don’t know that I ever fully realized it before, but last night I found myself looking at my to do list, amazed by its size. I felt like a family member who hasn’t seen a child for a few months, “How’d he get soooo big??!!

About ten minutes later, I hadn’t really knocked anything off of the list – sure, I had rewritten a few things on the list (After all, the wording is pretty cloak and dagger, right?), and God knows I thought about each, but do anything? – Nah.

That’s when it hit me, I have to stop thinking so much! Stop planning and just do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but that generally only happens when you slow down – that’s when the feeling catches you. If you stay on the move, you’ll put so much distance between you and it – it won’t be able to even step on your shadow.

Make each moment count double,

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  • I have a crazy obsession for Starbucks! and I am also a packrat! lol 🙂 And yes thinking to much can be an issue as well. As long as ya keep trying you’re moving in the right direction I think 🙂

  • If I’m not mistaken (and I don’t believe I am), I NEED a little Starbucks right about now….

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