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I’m sure you know how important the supplement Fish Oil is for your heart. The studies have been overwhelmingly positive.
Well, apparently, as far as supplements go, Fish Oil is an overachiever. It isn’t content just to benefit our Circulatory System, it wants to help us with our overall physical health AND our mental health as well. As a bonus, it will even help us burn fat more efficiently when the need arises to do so.
Dr. Sears, author of “The Zone” writes, “(taking fish oil) helps accelerate your rate of fat loss and will help balance the hormones that fight silent inflammation — which can help ward off future health problems. DHA one of the fatty acids in fish oil, is also food for your brain.”
However, be warned that the kind you take makes all the difference. While the brands you get in the department store are cheaper, they are less pure and contain fewer beneficial fatty acids. They are also less pure, which can cause a buildup of toxins in your body over time.
Dr. Sears recommends ultra-refined EPA/DHA concentrates, because they are free of toxins and don’t cause the gastrointestinal side effects associated with health food brands.
Taking 4 capsules (or 1 teaspoon of ultra-refined fish oil) will give you approximately 2.5 grams of the beneficial fatty acids to help maintain good health and mental clarity.
I’m all about good health and mental clarity.
Have a bangin’ weekend!
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