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Hello Girl

First of all, hello again!

So how has your December been going?!?! We’d been experiencing amazingly horrible server problems for about a month, since mid-November. Basically, if it could go wrong, it went beyond wrong. So, we moved to a larger server – sure it costs more, but if it cured the headaches we were having with the old one, it’d be worth it right? Cured isn’t exactly the word, since the headaches promptly turned into migraines. We’ve kicked ourselves a couple of times – not everyone’s capable of paying more money to make their problems go from bad to worse.

Things aren’t 100 percent better – we lost a few sites and tons and tons of e-mail. But I can post again and don’t feel completely cut off from everything and every one! From what I understand, the move may (ultimately) be worth it, the headaches will disappear, and we can stop kicking ourselves.

I do want to say this: Because we lost a great deal of e-mail, if you’ve e-mailed me recently – chances are I never got it.

One e-mail that I did get and that I’m SICK over losing is from a woman who has the distinction of being a Kentuckian living in California! Her letter was so warm and sweet that when I read it late one night, I didn’t want to reply then….I wanted to wait and answer in the morning. She had asked a few questions regarding Owensboro (where I live and where she lived) and I wanted to think about the answers. So, with coffee cup in hand, I log in the next morning to respond. The e-mails are all wiped out. Unfortunately, I didn’t do anything clever like write her e-mail address down or anything. That would have been far too clever.

If you’re reading this, fellow Kentuckian, I want to thank you for your very sweet and encouraging message. The day I got it had been a bad day – I almost didn’t even sign in to check my e-mail. The problems with our server were weighing on my mind, but the worst thing was the fact that this is the first Christmas season without my mom. On that very day, I had received a Christmas card addressed to my mother, but forwarded to me (since mail doesn’t get forwarded to Heaven!). It was from a childhood friend of my mother’s who lives way up north and hadn’t heard the news. Needless to say, it had left me feeling really down and empty all day.

But when I opened my e-mail that night, this particular message lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. To put it mildly, I needed that!

I just wish I had been smart enough to write the e-mail and name down. Isn’t it frustrating when we don’t do things we know, in hindsight, we should have done. I can only speak for myself, but I know full well that I wouldn’t run into this as often if I learned to just slow everything down – my thoughts, my mind, my plans, even my movements. If I were to slow down, maybe my reasoning skills would catch up. Just a thought.

At any rate, I’ve come up with a solution. I’m not trusting common servers any longer – not for e-mail anyway. I’ve gotten an AIM e-mail account and would like very much to ask you to send your e-mails to me there. It’s, and I’ll see you there!

Make each moment count double,

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