Self Inflicted Wounds

Tough Love!

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Okay, so I went off on someone. I got really cross with a family member. I told her she knew better. I narrowed my eyes, lowered my brows and scowled at her….. The nicest thing I called her was an irresponsible, impulsive little twit.

Think she’ll ever speak to me again? Oh, I can assure you she will – after all, the she’s me.

I recently did my best impression of a brainless person – worries me how effortlessly I can pull that off. Isn’t that, like, the worst? When you find yourself in deep water and YOU’RE the one who rowed the boat out that far? No one to blame but the “twit” in the mirror!


What’d I do? As you know, if you read any of my blogs – I work online. My family runs a Web Publishing/Web Design/Web Hosting business. I maintain over 12 blogs and 15 websites – the numbers of which are growing. Of course this is in addition to my primary “job” of running our home and caring for our family of 5 humans, 5 cats, and 1 elderly dog.

My days are pretty full, and I love every minute!

But I made things a total headace recently when I decided to start re-doing 3 websites at once. (See why I whipped out the name twit?!) On a fateful Wednesday I looked at my cooking website, my cat website, and my cat blog and hated each with a cruel unChristian hatred. So my emotions dictated that they must all begin an overhaul pronto – even though I’m certain that my brain tried to argue that doing one, then the next, then the next would be the sanest approach. However, in my world – just as in the previous sentence, my emotions are often stronger than my brain.

I hated the way they looked, so the only option was to jump right in and tackle all three. At least that’s what I felt like doing. And so I did. The thing is, it has made me so busy and distracted lately that I haven’t been enjoying what I do as much as usual. I’ve gotten behind on blog posts, I feel hurried and rushed, stressed and annoyed. And all of it on top of the worst sinus infection I’ve ever owned!

I’m freaking brilliant. Except not.

Take a lesson away from my experience. See the man above? He’s trying to wear too many hats at once and looks like a perfect fool. (Of course, if he went with one of the girl hats he’d look like an even bigger fool.) Life’s better when we tackle one thing at a time – when we give it all of our attention and THEN move on to the next thing. And then the next…

I still see a few other sites and blogs that I want to revamp, and I plan on doing so. One. At. A. Time. Don’t want to be called a twit again.

Make each moment before you try to make it count double!

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