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Today’s far too Monday-ish to take my thoughts into the deep end of the pool. So, if it’s okay with you, let’s just hang out in the shallow end today, okay? I’ll dive into the deep end tomorrow, after I shake Monday off of me.

I had to go to the doctor this morning, and since she’s 45 minutes away I grabbed a few fave cds to accompany me on the trip. has always played a large role in my life. (I expect that it does in a lot of people’s lives) I know I, for one, always have some form of it around me. Any genre, it doesn’t matter to me – all I ask is that it be good – and I don’t want it to be about HATE, I’m not about hate, so I don’t want to sing along to hate lyrics. And, oh yeah, I most definitely sing along to the songs – danged loud if no one’s in the car with me! The head bobs, the hands tap on the steering wheel, toes tap….it’s pretty hard to stay on the road sometimes, but I have a great time.

My favorite music, this week, wears leather pants and long wild hair. (Rock and Roll, babey!)

I say “this week” because my fave music changes and rearranges. Last week it wore a Cowboy hat and boots. The week before was all Credence Clearwater Revival, so it wore jeans and long-sleeved tops. Before that, it wore threads to end all threads – that’s right – Motown! Next week, who knows, I’ll either go back to country or Motown, stick with rock, or whip out the 80’s hair bands. Nah, their hair looks better than mine.

(I like to occasionally catch my girls off guard and break out boy band music. Once, I was picking Daughter #2 up at the front of a store. I had already made note of other teens – yes, a few were males – within earshot, so when she opened the door I had a T-Total, cheesey boy band pop song BLARING. She dove for the radio in a mad search for the ultimate in cool – Usher. She vowed revenge, which scares me. Her revenges suck gravedigger knees.)

Anyway – Poison, Kiss, and Sophie Hawkins were with me on the ride to and from the doctor. If you haven’t heard “Give Me Something to Believe In” (simply one of the best songs EVER), or “Every Rose Has A Thorn” (Poison), “Dr. Love” or “Beth” (Kiss) or “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” (Sophie) in a while – give ’em each a listen. Great music! I got so lost in Sophie’s song I nearly went through a red light. Smokin’ Hot song. And, “Dr. Love’ – the music in that one makes my backbone quiver.

It’s amazing how a song can lift you up if you’re down or lift you up even higher when you’re up. Sometimes it does nothing but just flat out turn you on. Gotta love anything that powerful.

What are your fave songs? Artists? Have something to recommend? Tell me. You’ll have to shout it, shout it, shout it out loud, though. Paul Stanley is screaming in my ear.

Make each moment count double,
Constantine Maroulis Online (The boy’s gonna be huge. I promise.)

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