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Okay, we’re 17 days into 2006, how are those resolutions going? Personally, I’m breaking even:
A book I’d ordered myself to finish by the 15th hasn’t even been opened, but I’ve been cutting back on red meat.

The closet from the third circle of hell is still the closet from the third circle of hell, but I’ve been exercising everyday.

And so on and on…

I’ve noticed a little trend. I do, essentially, that which I want to do. If it’s important to me, I find a way to do it. It’s that other muckety muck that I struggle with – you know, closets and dry, “good for your brain books”. I need to work on that. But you could drive a truck between I need to work on that and I want to work on that.

I suspect that, to some extent, this is true of most of us. If it matters to us, we find a way, make time, figure it out, etc. Perhaps the trick lies in somehow making it matter to us. You think?

I mean, I love fitness and health, maybe if I looked at cleaning that horrid closet as working out…..and maybe if I catch myself at a weak moment before I recognize it for what it really is…..maybe, by this time tomorrow that closet will be organized and glorious.

Then, maybe I’ll be so physically exhausted that the decidedly un-Koontz book will find its way into my tired hands and compel me to read it. My defenses will already be down, and it may stand a chance.

Make each moment count double,

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