RelaxZen Relaxation Beverages: Yes, Please

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RelaxZen Relaxation Beverages, remember the name.  If there’s any justice in the world, the name will soon be as well-known as Slim-Fast, Vitamin Water, and a slew of Energy Drinks.

A few days ago, I received a box of RelaxZen Relaxation Beverages – one for use in the daytime and one for use at nighttime.  Believe me, the nighttime one needs to be enjoyed only at nighttime – well within reach of a comfy pillow and your favorite blanket.

Both drinks that I tested taste delicious – very, very, very good. I’d drink them even if they didn’t have the wonderful relaxing qualities they possess. The day formula really seems to help you focus and promotes clarity and a sense of purpose. As someone who spends long hours working in her home office, these are attributes I greatly appreciate.

As for the equally delicious and even more relaxing nighttime formula, it helps lull you off to a very peaceful and beautiful night’s sleep. If the day has been far too busy and stressful for your liking, the nighttime RelaxZen just helps it melt away… naturally. It has a wonderful berry flavor that I’m pretty wild about.

About RelaxZen Relaxation Beverages:
Our first two products address two distinct needs. The first, RelaxZen DAY, is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to relax you, yet keep you focused and on-task during your day. Each ingredient was carefully chosen with our busy, multi-tasking consumer in mind. Many other relaxation shots can make you feel drowsy, sleepy, and emotionally distant; however, RelaxZen DAY can ease everyday anxiety and stress while allowing you to stay at the top of your game. RelaxZen NIGHT, was crafted to allow people to fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle their day. By incorporating melatonin and valerian root extract into the product along with B-vitamins, we created the perfect remedy for people who are often too anxious to easily fall asleep.

Together, our products address the increasingly hectic lifestyle everyone faces daily. We are confident that you will find them as beneficial and enticing as we do. – From RelaxZen

If you visit RelaxZen’s website, you’ll be able to read a great deal about their beverages –  including ingredients and so forth.  If you’d like to try RelaxZen for yourself (and I’d highly recommend it – just be sure you don’t try the nighttime shot while driving, working, exercising, or on a date!), you can find RelaxZen Beverages as Walgreen’s, 7 Eleven, King’s, Foodtown, and other stores named on the website.

Relaxation is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

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  • Joi-

    Glad you got a taste of RelaxZen. 🙂


  • Mike,
    Thanks! It’s delicious – and I’m glad it can be found at local stores. I’ll want to have plenty on hand at all times!

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