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The greatest husband in the world and I were out last night making a few of our favorite rounds. One of the stops, of course, included our favorite Coffee House for my daily delight, Chai Tea. Another stop was a local Office Supply store. There are three in our area and we generally bounce from one to the other. The bouncing may have just come to a stand still.

One of the three stores has two strikes against it, high prices and invisible sales people. Two strikes too many.

Another one has great prices but the staff, for the most part, are about as helpful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

The third one, and the one without any strikes, was the one we hit up last night, pre-Chai tea.

We were looking for something that was pretty costly – but it’s one of those things that life just isn’t the same without, so there we were ready to shell out what they wanted. Fortunately, a salesperson with more on the ball than most came along. The fact that she even came along at all impressed me. Smiling, she asked if she could help us with anything. We told her what we were planning to buy, then she told us (on the low…the very low) that this item would be going on sale later this week. She even knew, and whispered, what the sales price would be. Well. Worth. The. Wait. She showed us a circular that will be coming out featuring this product, as well as a few other great deals!

I was totally impressed that the young lady came over and sought out customers rather than waiting for them to come to her. I was further impressed (and thankful) that she helped us out by sharing her knowledge. I was, however, most blown away by the fact that she’d even bothered to look at the circular already and had, apparently, studied it. Sadly, most people simply don’t take that kind of pride in their work – especially if their work doesn’t involve commissions. This girl, however, takes her job seriously and, in turn, represented her store and herself beautifully.

We’ll be going back. For once I’m glad someone took the bounce out of our step!

Make each moment count double,

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