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An exciting fender bender has happened on the information highway.  One of my favorite magazines, Psychology Today, has bumped into the community of Blogging.  The result is positively traffic-stopping!

As the magazine editor, Kaja Perina, writes in her column (June 2008 issue):

Imagine a gathering where relationship gurus, experimental psychologists, and renowned writers drop by for frequent chats – and urge you to join the conversation.  They ponder whether it’s possible to love two people at once, extol Beavis and Butt-head’s unwitting grasp of human nature, and challenge you to whittle your life story down to six words.  And that’s just before appetizers.

If that sounds as intriguing to you as it does to me, I’ll see you there!

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  • dave

    Everyone has showing keen interest on psychology, thats way it was bumping on community blogs.


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