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The end of this week’s Relaxation theme…

Here’s hoping that the previous posts have encouraged you to start paying attention to your stress levels. Hopefully you realize how important it is to work relaxation into your day, and are now armed with information that’ll help you unwind before you become unwound!

A few final thoughts on the subject:

I Preach: If you experience any symptoms whatsoever that would indicate hypertension, go see the doctor. Better safe than sorry. The most common symptoms are tiredness, confusion, vision changes, nausea and vomiting, and angina-like chest pain. Don’t mess around with your heart. Better. Safe. Than. Sorry.

I Prop: If you experience stiff muscles – for example, in your neck and back – introduce yourself to the heaven that is a Chiropractor’s office. In a previous post I mentioned a car wreck I was in. I went through physical therapy, saw neurologists – as well as just about every ‘ologist you could dream up. It wasn’t until I began seeing a chiropractor that I felt improvement in movement! There were days when there was so much tension and stiffness in my neck that my head pounded. Chiropractic visits provided IMMEDIATE relief, making it possible to actually look in all directions.

I met people in the chiropractic waiting room who came regularly for every ailment from migraines and stress to asthma and hypertension. One woman swore up and down that her sinus pain and allergies were no longer a problem since seeing a chiropractor.

Give a chiropractor a try, he or she just might rock your very world.

Have a great weekend…
Make each moment count double,
The Mental Fitness Center

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