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I’m still trying to make friends with the little fox known as Firefox – trying to make the blog look the same in Firefox as it does in ie. Most of my visitors to this blog have ie, but if even 1 has the fox, I don’t want them to have an eyesore before them!

We have both browsers on our computers – and the theme for this particular blog is giving me fits. There are certain elements that the fox doesn’t “recognize” or “acknowledge” that ie does. For example, on my cooking blog, if I use fractions or the degree symbol, ie shows them and the fox ignores them.

Same with scrollbars….on our entertainment websites, such as Jessica Unveiled, in ie you can see that the scrollbar is colorized – in Firefox you see the regular scrollbar.

On the other paw, Firefox is so much faster!

If these two browsers ever got together, the outcome would be something amazing!

Anyway, I’m working on a new banner at the top and hopefully it won’t take long before everyone sees basically the same thing.


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  • You may also try viewing it in a browser under Linux (Firefox or Konqueror).

    I discovered that my background colour (which should be a straw colour) did not come through in Firefox running under Linux. As well, the fonts are pretty atrocious (but that Linux for you).

    At the moment, I avoid trying to wrestle too much with the way my blog looks (even though it is not quite what I want). I certainly am not going to try adjusting it to fit every browser type and OS type.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Richard. The fox is giving me a really tough time! Unlike ie, firefox doesn’t read css very well, and I absolutely HATE the way my blogs and websites look in its browser.

    I think I’m just going to stop striving for perfection in all browsers and simply make it readable everywhere! Besides, stats show that the majority of visitors for all my blogs/sites are still using ie.

    Personally, we use both browsers – and if I see a website that’s realy screwed up in one, sometimes I switch to the other browser just to see what it’s SUPPOSED to look like.

    As for the color changes, that drives me crazy, too. My daughter had a website up for a rock singer (male) and what looked like red (on a banner) on our main browser turned out pink on another. She had to switch to blue pretty fast – pink just didn’t go with his persona!


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