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I got up this morning, baked some Sweet Potato Pies, went to the store, started a paper wad fight with my husband, read a little, sorted through e-mail, and now I find myself with time on my hands. Rarely does any good come from that.

I have something on my mind, too – so the “rarely any good” just upgraded to “dangerous”.

So, here I am with time on my hands and thoughts on my mind, and I’m looking to fill one and unload the other, so….

Have you ever noticed that when someone makes a colossal ass of themselves, they have a really big problem just saying, “I was a total ass. Please forgive me. I wasn’t myself.” This would tell the people who were on the front row of the “show” that the person is bigger than their mistake. They’d realize that the outburst doesn’t define the individual and that the chances of it happening again are pretty rare.

But 9 out of 10 times what happens, the person : I didn’t yell until he yelled, I did not say that!, But, she said…., etc, etc. They think that they can paint the picture differently if they just use enough paint.

Yet, what would happen if you poured paint on a jack ass? It just draws more attention to the jack ass.

Now I have to go find something else to get into.

Make each moment count double,

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