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At what point did the word overwhelmed become such a prominent fixture in our vocabulary? It’s hard to go a day without hearing about or reading about someone who claims to be overwhelmed by something or another.

Methinks we’d be a lot better off if the word had never been uttered that very first time.

Do we really, honestly think we’ve got it harder than our ancestors? Do we think we really have to work harder than they did? Do we have more to do in days that are somehow shorter?

It’s only my opinion, of course, but I’m afraid that, as a generation, we’ve gotten softer. We expect, and most definitely want, for everything to be easy, fast, and pleasurable. When a situation doesn’t measure up to our expectations, our psyche starts to break out in hives. I’m not so sure that we’re overwhelmed as much as we’re just under-resolved.

When we feel the words, “I’m overwhelmed!” forming in our minds like ABCs in alphabet soup – we should shake the letters around and spell out “I’m up for it!” instead. Affirmative words are powerful and reinforce what we need to do. Negative words are destructive and tear us down until we’re a mushy pile of self pity. They render us as useless as Bode Miller in Torino.

Make each affirmation count double,

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