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Recently I was reading an article about Dusty Baker and the Cubs. Being a Cardinals fan I’m not sure why that was my reading choice, exactly, other than the fact that I love myself baseball. All baseball. Even Cubbie’s baseball. Also, I have a world of respect for Mr. Baker. Class act.

Anyway, the article. It was on ESPN.com – they have some very talented writers on staff, they amuse me and sometimes even make me think. This particular writer is very good at what he does. He’s opinionated, well-versed, knowledgeable and entertaining. I didn’t agree with one word he said, but I love the passion with which he said each word. The fact that our opinions didn’t match up doesn’t matter – so freaking what?!

People get so shook up anymore over different opinions, some people think everyone should think only as they, themselves, think. How utterly boring would that be? I wouldn’t have a bit of fun with that. In our household, alone, we have a whole world of opinions – but they all live very nicely under one roof. Many game days find all five of us on different sides. It gets really fun during baseball season – our oldest daughter is a Boston Red Sox fan and our middle daughter likes the Yankees. Fortunately, they both like the Cardinals, too, so my husband and I allow them to live with us.

We’ve always raised our daughters to stand up for what they believe in. Of course, first you have to believe in something! I’m all kinds of proud of our girls, for a great number of reasons – but the thing I’m most proud of is the fact that, when they believe they’re right, they don’t back down. I’ve said it before, probably on this very blog, but people have the WRONG idea when they say that parents have to “BREAK” a child’s will. Are you freaking kidding me, you have to “MAKE” the child’s will, not break it! In this world you need a strong will to survive, not a shattered one.

The author of the article made me start thinking about opinions. When I come across people with strong opinions, who are standing up for what they believe to be right, even if I disagree with them, I can’t help but inwardly applaud the fact that they have the courage to stand up and speak out. It takes courage to put yourself out there, often in the line of fire. Face it, people haven’t much tact or grace anymore – not many “ladies” or “gentlemen” amongst us it’d seem. Makes me sad, actually. I believe there was a time when people conducted themselves with dignity and class. Today, far too many people are crass, intolerant, self-important

That’s why, more than ever, when someone says what’s on their mind, I’m impressed. It’s better than sitting there just talking to yourself. Better, yes, but much riskier!

One final thought about opinions: Your opinion is a confession of your character.

Make every moment count double,

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