Mother-Son Reunion

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This one will warm your heart. On there is a Video Section. I wouldn’t normally send anyone there, because most of the videos, judging by the titles, don’t have happy endings.

However, being a mother, I HAD to see the one titled, “Mother, son reunited”. Very precious. Happy endings do happen, after all.

I really needed to see one – Like everyone, I’ve been feeling so miserably sad. Then I found myself angry (read: outraged) because of words by Jesse “what idiot would ever interview me” Jackson. He’s riding his one horse, as always, trying to make this nightmare about race. He went even one step further than usual, though, and claimed that “we” have a high tolerance for watching blacks suffer. Has he totally lost his mind?! I don’t know who this “we” is but I’m incredibly insulted – I have NO tolerance for seeing anyone, anywhere suffer. Has he been on his one horse so long that he has become “at one” with it and truly believes the words that come shooting out. Personally, I think he just says the first thing to enter his mind.

I once had a great deal of respect for the man. I still think he’s done a lot of good things, and I admire that – but after that moronic statement, he’s near the bottom of my list – him and his horse.

The hearts of all Americans (and people the world over) are broken for every single one of the victims. It doesn’t matter what color we are or what color they are. Help, support, prayers and love are pouring in for these precious people – the blacks and the whites, as well.

I’m also ticked off at the slimy politicians who are trying to use this tragedy for their own political gain. I know that they all can’t have the courage and composure of Rudy Giuliani or George W. Bush, but Heavens, can’t they try?

This is a time when we have to pull together, not apart.

Make each moment count double and give until it hurts,

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