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I was recently working on a post for one of our entertainment blogs, Hollywood Yesterday. As I typed in a quote, I couldn’t help thinking about how it applies to life. The quote was by I Love Lucy’s Producer and Head-Writer, Jess Oppenheimer. During the show’s first season, he was asked to what he attributed the show’s unprecedented success.

“You took the greatest living comedienne and worked from there… For every word you write in this business, you figure you’re lucky to get back 70 – 80 percent from a performer. With Lucy, you get back 140 percent.”

I’ve also read countless accounts from people who were there that Lucy was also the hardest worker in every rehearsal as well as at each live performance. She had a job to do, with people counting on her – and she gave her all, and then some. Sixteen years after her death, she’s still known as the queen of comedy.

Just makes me wonder what all we could each accomplish if we stopped trying to just give enough of ourselves and started giving more than enough. If we stopped doing what was expected of us and started doing more than is expected.

Just something to think about.

Make each moment count double,

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