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A while back, I wrote a post about a book I’d come across at the local bookstore and couldn’t put down. I called the post Cool Little Book – because it was (and is!) just that.

Well, the author appears to be even cooler. Sandi Bachom left a comment on the post, thanking me, which left me smiling and floating for days, anyway…but then she did even more – and the floating will take place for a very long time. She sent me a couple of her books, autographed with very sweet messages. There’s no reason in the world a successful author in New York should spend time and money on a blogger in Kentucky. Okay, maybe there’s one reason – maybe she’s just the epitomy of graciousness.

Thank you SO much!

After I wrote yesterday’s post, I was reading through one of these wonderful books (Denial is Not a River in Egypt) and I found the following:

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

That’s perfect! There are also other gems just like this one – on fear, anxiety, denial, insanity, and many more. There are several relating to fear that I’m dying to tell you about – but I’d rather you buy the book! Not only because I want this cool lady to sell truckloads, I want my cool readers to benefit from all of her wit and wisdom.

There are some things in life I recommend utterly without hesitation: God, love, spending time with your family, being honest, reading, baking your own bread, Chinese food, drinking coffee, walking, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz, Bo Bice, southern fried Buttermilk Chicken, Montgomery Gentry, Dean Koontz, I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith reruns, singing out loud with the radio, Lindt’s White Chocolate Coconut bars, Survivor, Agatha Christie, Paula Deen, Levi’s, Chai Tea, gladiolas, herbs, yoga…..

To my list I add, with 100 percent conviction, read Sandi Bachom. A lot of her writing includes inspiration for those who are overcoming addictions. But take it from me, it isn’t necessary to be in that category to benefit from her words. Personally, I’ve never had to battle an addiction. I don’t say that to boast – I’d actually feel more pride if I were an overcomer and KNEW the strength that lied within me. I simply state it to let you know that if I find her to be incredibly motivating and inspiring, you will also. I also want to encourage you, if you happen to be battling an addiction of some sort – you’ll find amazing support by leaning on this author’s words.

All of us can gain strength and wisdom from her’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who’s battle is in your rearview mirror or out your front window. It doesn’t matter if the only battle you know is life in general (it can be plenty, can’t it?!), pick up both of her books and let them pick you up.

Make each moment count double,

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  • angie Link

    Sandie is the best i love her to bits personaly she has been a life line to me.

  • That’s so sweet! I can tell from reading her writing that she is probably a life line to a lot of wonderful people.

    Best wishes and thanks for stopping by!

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