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Countries around the world are coming through for the US and her needs right now. Here’s a link to a page detailing what each is doing. (I love the ones who just SEND, as opposed to asking what’s needed and waiting for a reply. Australia, for example, $10 Million!) :

U.S. receives aid offers from around the world

Reading the list just makes you feel good. I’m always proud of my own homeland, the USA, when she’s there for others (which she always is) – and I’m touched to see the reciprocation.

I also came across a story on John Grisham. He has donated $5 Million Dollars (as much as some countries!)to the relief efforts. Equally as brilliant, he’s setting up a fund, Rebuild the Coast Fund Organization.

The staff will be comprised of “those who have lost their jobs and are familiar with the area to screen requests for help.”

If I didn’t already own every book he’d ever written, I’d make plans to buy them all (and Painted House, twice!).

Make each moment count double,

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