Mess Up, I Dare You


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If you’re really serious about kicking stress out of your life, someone else has to get the boot first.

The annoying, tightly-wrapped person that lives inside of you and goes by the name Perfectionist? He’s gotta go. Think of all the trouble he causes you. Nothing’s ever good enough, everything comes up short, he’d have done this better, he’d have done that better. How many headaches has he caused? Have you ever been happy to see him show up?

Start (oh, I don’t know – today works for me!) taking things more in stride. Especially the little, no-one-was-hurt type annoyances. If you burn supper, no biggie – eat a sandwich. I’ve seen Emeril blow entire meals, on national television no less!

Mistakes can always be corrected or, at the very least, covered. The damage done by stress can’t be. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Life isn’t meant to be a pressure cooker.

Make each moment count double,

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  • I like this theme better.

    Easier to read, which makes it easier for a perfectionist like me to find the faults.

    I’ll get back to you ! With A List !

  • Snicker Snicker….
    Thanks for the good word, love. But about that list……

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