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Change Works with CLEAR Have you ever stopped to think about the role your emotional state plays in your life? It affects everything from your moods to how you relate to and get along with others. Your emotional state affects how you deal with stress, so it directly affects your health, as well. I think we all pretty much realize the above effects, but one that’s just as obvious, but less realized, is the role our emotional state plays in getting what we want from life. If we’re emotionally together, we have a much better chance of calling the shots and making things happen. However, if we have emotional weaknesses, life is likely to just give it what it wants us to have. That’s not always a picnic in the park.

You can have all the brain power, the ambition, the motives, and the means, but if you’re carrying around emotional baggage – you aren’t going to get far. You’ll be like one of those little hamsters running in a wheel. Spending a great deal of energy to get somewhere, but only going in circles and, literally, getting nowhere fast.

Julie Roberts, Ph.D has written a fascinating book, Change Works with CLEAR: Clearing Limits Energetically with Acupressure Release. In it, she beautifully details (among other things) how we can unpack this baggage and get off the wheel.

Energy psychology evolved from the observations that specific acupuncture points are related to particular emotions. Practitioners noted that stimulating a point releases chemicals in the brain, which relieves negative feelings. Thus CLEAR evolved from a number of the acupressure methods and a few other energy therapies. (Page 3)

Acupressure points, when stimulated by touch, send signals directly to the areas of the brain that control these emotions. Change Works with CLEAR gives crystal clearillustrations, exercises, and charts detailing these areas and emotions. There are 4 chapters in the How To Section, spanning over 30 pages, that include a flow chart, diagrams, a sample session, the Steps of the CLEAR process, Learning the Acupressure Points, and using and utilizing muscle testing.

Research has found that the stimulation of the point inhibits the “alarm response” by sending appropriate signals directly to the amygdala (Feinstein, Eden, & Craig, 2005). Ronald Ruden, M.D., Ph.D., states that stimulation of acupressure points increases serotonin in the cortex and the amygdala, thus removing fear and shifting negative responses to positive ones (Ruden, 2005). Studies using brain scans also indicate a significant decrease in intensity and frequency of Generalized Anxiety Disorder after acupressure treatment (Anrade, & Feinstein 2003). (Page 13)

Chapter 3 “Understanding Trauma” had a huge impact on me. It taught lessons and gave illustrations that’ll stay with me all of my life. As a matter of fact, it was so great that I read it twice. For one thing, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. For another, I wanted to let what I knew I caught sink in a little deeper. Nothing quite like a double dip in the deep end.

If you’re like me, when you see the word Trauma, you think “Oh, that word’s reserved for other people – those who have been held at gunpoint, who lived through a 4 day hostage situation while tied to a grenade…” Those sort of lovely things. But we miss it by a mile when we think trauma has never introduced itself to us.

Any of us who have….

  • Tried and failed
  • Lost a loved one
  • Argued with someone close to us
  • Lived through a break-up
  • Faced an illness
  • Been involved in a career change
  • Had a wreck
  • Moved away from family or a favorite “home”
  • Been homesick
  • Lost a dream house
  • Lost a dream
  • Had a child go away to college
  • Had a child move out

……have faced trauma. That’s pretty much all of us, right? We’ve all met trauma, often more than once. Chapter 3 lets you know what effects this meeting or meetings have had on you, and the book shows you how to reverse the affect – to make it stop working against you and start working for you.

The process I describe in this book leads you through healing that frees you of old patterns, allowing you to be present in your current thoughts and feelings, and thus more creative in your responses. (Page 13)

To go into the Process any further, here, would be like trying to make a Red Velvet Cake in a toaster. You need to read the book (Chapter 3, twice!). You need to “meet” the interesting people in the case studies. You need to study the diagrams and follow the charts. And you need to learn the various Blocking Beliefs and find which ones you are affected by. There’ll be some you’ll identify with so strongly, you’ll think you wrote them yourself.

Whether you feel stuck in your life or just know there is more that you can accomplish, this book will assist you. CLEAR helps you move toward your goals by removing triggers that keep you stuck in old patterns. It helps relieve general and specific anxiety as well as specific issues such as phobias, performance anxiety, and test anxiety. It helps remove stress that leads to illness. It also assists you in clearing the blocks that lead to procrastination, lack of motivation, and fears related to success and failure. CLEAR alleviated depression and moodiness, and helps you understand the issues underlying these emotions. (Page 9)

For more information, please visit Click on the Publications button to purchase what could be the most rewarding book you ever hold in your hands. After you’ve bought your copy, visit with Julie by looking around the website and seeing what she has to say.

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Get your copy of Change Works with CLEAR as soon as possible!

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