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Somewhere right now a miracle just happened.

If you could take the sting out of things that hurt you, would you?

If you had the power to cut large worries down to size, would you?

If you could make people who anger you, anger you less, would you?

Of course, of course, and you bet…right?

Okay then, roll up your emotional sleeves and get to work because this magic lies within each of us…within our realms of thought. It’s called Right Thinking and it could make all the difference in the world.

Somewhere right now, a miracle is happening.

I read an affirmation a few days ago that has stuck in my mind: “What you believe, you’ll receive; what you doubt, you’ll do without.” I started wondering, “Exactly how many things am I doing without?!” I guess that’s why the quote has stayed in my mind, because I’m afraid the answer to “How many?” might just reach digits that’d make me squirm.

In the new book, “Shortcut to a Miracle,” by Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott, the authors talk about manifesting miracles in our own lives. They stress the importance of knowing that your miracle is coming – know it, expect it, and get ready for it! Fear, they say, is the biggest obstacle to making miracles happen. Somehow we always feel that we’re less deserving than others, more inadequate, unlucky, etc.

Yet this is exactly the negative-type of thinking that hurts us. Other common forms of negative thinking are:

  • complaining
  • blaming
  • criticizing
  • self-criticism
  • envy

Each of these diminish our sense of self, lessen the positive powers in our life and allow the negative forces to run amok. When we kick out the negative thoughts, we make room for the positve thoughts to take their place. (They’re much, much better psyche guests, anyway!)

Are you in need of a miracle today? Then make it happen! Take the power that has been lying dormant inside of you, awaken it and make it start working for you.

Are you in need of a Health Miracle?

“The body is constantly renewing itself unless something interferes with the process, such as stress. If you can see yourself healthy and well, actively participating in life, even while you are flat on your back, your body will start responding to this image.” – Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott

Somewhere right now, a miracle is about to happen.

I hope it’s yours!

Make each moment a miracle,

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