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Below are the top five ways to break through stress:

1. Be

2. Really

3. Good

4. To

5. Yourself

Not just good. Really good. Here’s a list of 7 suggestions for doing just that. Do as many of them as you can as often as you can. (7 more will follow in the next post!)

1. Get more sleep. Even if you think you’re getting enough. Buy yourself a super-comfy pair of pajamas, place a lavender or vanilla scented sachet in your pillow case, make your room as dark and cozy as you can and hit the sack earlier than usual. After a week or so what you thought was stress (or even depression) may vanish and prove to have just been exhaustion in disguise.

2. Sleep in at least one day a week. Turn the alarm clock off, shut your door and don’t step one foot on the floor until you’re darned well ready.

3. Choose a day from the seven that’ll be your ‘s little day – as in you’ll do ‘s little as you possibly can. Leave the bed unmade, don’t cook, don’t get dressed and don’t even look at the vaccuum cleaner.

4. Get a massage. Stress affects your entire body, especially the neck, shoulders and back. Massage increases blood flow and causes the knots of tension to melt away.

5. Take a long bubble bath. Extra points if the bubble bath follows a massage.

6. Buy something you’ve been wanting for a while. Treat yourself to it and watch your spirits soar.

7. Get a little exercise each and every day. Whether you walk in the park or in the mall, or put music on and entertain your cat – doesn’t matter. Just move and groove…you’ll feel great!

Make each moment count double,

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