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Today has been shaping up to be a verrrry weird day. It’s had flying styrofoam, police chases, five tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, heavy footed nuns and Popeye, himself, walking in a storm. Who needs cable?

The weirdness starts as we’re zipping (as in 60 ish) down the bypass. A large sheet of styrofoam flies out from the back of a truck. It flies right back into the front of our Dodge – then, Splam! – it splits into a gazillion tiny pieces and looks like a snow storm. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I just wish one of my daughters had caught in on camera. Unfortunately, though, when I’m driving, they tend to just hang on for life and look out for the flashing lights.

Okay, so then we drop off Brittany and Stephany and I head off to pick up Emily. There’s a van behind us that’s all up our freaking grill, then it zips out of line and speeds up past us….and I’m even going the speed limitish! As it tears past us, Steph and I glance over at the driver….a nun. A smiling nun. I wasn’t about to have my reputation compromised by Sister Speedy, so I later repassed her on the highway. She was still smiling, and my reputation was secured.

We pick up Em, who practically blows into the van like Dorothy. We then take her to her next destination while listening as the radio tells us that essentially a tornado could whip us all away at any time. The wind was so bad, a few times I told Steph to have her camera ready in case a tree or cow went flying by. Thanks be to God neither did. Just Popeye.

I kid you not, we saw Popeye hustling down the street – he’d ditched his sailor outfit, but he had the same face, same build, same scowl, same head and even a pipe.

As we were keeping an eye out for Olive Oyl, a police car went speeding past us – emphasis on past us. It’s always a relief when I’m not the one being pursued. I’m thinking it was the nun.

You know the really scary part? It’s not even lunch time yet!

Make each moment count double,

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